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indoor garden surrounded by crystal clear plexiglass!

All our Terrariums are professionally fabricated from crystal clear 3/16 thick Pexiglass. Designed to capture light, easy to carry, and vented to simulate Rain-Forest conditions at night. All our terrariums come with the drainage system (five evenly spaced drilled holes, matching waterproof acrylic tray with raised ledge and rubber legs) so your plants' roots will never be over watered. We have painted the outside rear and sidewalls of many of our terrariums to add an extra dimension. Acrylic paint adheres beautifully to the plexiglass as it will not run once it dries. All terrariums on this page come unpainted.

Terrariums are individually handcrafted for you by a master acrylic fabricator in our factory. Items are then professionally boxed, insured and shipped directly to your door. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your item/s to be built, shipped, and delivered. Most shipments are through UPS. All terrariums are designed to close up and seal at night to maintain a rainforest atmosphere in dry heated and airconditioned homes. All terrariums contain the drainage system so plant roots will never be over watered.

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